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Discover Tapachula, Chiapas

Surrounded by seven municipalities and neighboring Guatemala, Tapachula de Cordova y Ordoñez (full name of the destination), is the second largest city of the state of Chiapas and the most important in the Region of the Soconusco, south zone of the state. It was founded in 1486 by the Aztecs: the history, culture and natural beauties of the place are treasured resources for tourism, plus being one of the main border doors between Mexico and South America.

There is a very important area for adventure tourism known as “Route of Coffee”, where around 13 coffee farms and the San Francisco Waterfall, visitors practice eco-tourism, mountaineering, camping and extreme sports like rafting and rappelling.

Another attractive region is the one known as “Route of the Volcano” (which comes from the Tacana Volcano) where there are: Izapa Archeological Zone, with constructions of Olmecan influence, although the legacy is from the culture mixe-zoqueana; Santo Domingo, a tourist development that offers full services of high quality for tourism, from video bar to swimming pools; and Union Juarez, quaint town of mild weather that has the attraction of having being an ancient Aztec taxpayer village.

The region baptized as “Route of the Mangrove” contain: Pozuelos Lagoon, right next to Barra Cahoacan, coming by the Tapachula-Puerto Chiapas Highway, where you can take a tour by boat that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna.

The coastal region called “Beaches Route” counts with Puerto Chiapas, a deep-water port for all kind of boats and one of the biggest tourist potentials of the zone. In these dark waters with strong waves one can perform activities like sailing, sport fishing and beach sports. Linda Beach is a place where one can practice boat tours and camping, it counts with restaurants, palapas and swimming pools; and San Benito Beach, in the entrance to Puerto Chiapas, ideal to enjoy the sunsets in the dark grey waters, tasting delicious seafood cooked in the palapas, some of which count with swimming pool.